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NQS Performance Autocross #2 Results
Download a PDF of all results here.
See photos by Pat Sanderson here. Thanks Pat!

Car #DriverCarClassFastest TimePoints
43Rob Wing95 Subaru ImprezaNon-V8 Race1:16.8150
10Bryan Packingham88 Mustang LXV8 Race1:17.6249
83Scott Reed07 CorvetteV8 Stock1:19.9048
56Scott Reed07 CorvetteV8 Stock1:19.9147
12Mike Bronson12 Mustang Boss 302V8 Stock1:20.4746
157Ed Wiedmann11 Subaru STINon-V8 Modified1:21.1545
13Jim Hiatt07 BMW Z4M CoupeNon-V8 Modified1:21.5844
23Brent Seaton13 Mustang Non-V8 Stock1:21.8443
37Scott Pugh07 Mustang GT CSV8 Modified1:21.8842
15Matt Heeren05 Subaru WRXNon-V8 Modified1:22.0741
20Kim Barron84 Mustang GTV8 Modified1:22.2740
119David Allen07 Mustang GTV8 Stock1:22.5039
4Eric DePenning06 Mustang GTV8 Modified1:22.6038
1Alex Foster95 Mustang CobraV8 Race1:23.0237
68James Sayers03 Mistsubishi EVONon-V8 Modified1:23.1536
61Grant Hendrickson02 Subaru Impreza WRXNon-V8 Modified1:23.8935
96Nick Worth96 MiataNon-V8 Modified1:24.0034
19David Allen07 Mustang GTV8 Stock1:24.1233
151John Phillips95 Mazda MiataNon-V8 Stock1:24.1832
114Zach DePenning06 Mustang GTV8 Modified1:24.9431
45Lucas Herman07 Mazda Speed3Non-V8 Modified1:25.6830
36Thad Glen13/37Non-V8 Modified1:25.7229
325Nicholas Feigen88 BMW 325isNon-V8 Modified1:25.9628
22Mike Chaffin06 Volkswagen GTINon-V8 Modified1:26.2327
55Reece Oleson11 Volkswagen GTINon-V8 Modified1:26.3826
48Tim Sheriff03 Volkswagon JettaNon-V8 Modified1:26.5825
7Tate Morton95 Mustang GTV8 Stock1:26.7624
30Jeremy Summers01 Mustang BullittV8 Stock1:27.6223
25Michael Beck74 Fiat 124Non-V8 Race1:27.9622
40Taylor Julich05 Nissan Altima SERNon-V8 Stock1:28.2521
71Jeff Salasek70 Ford TorinoV8 Modified1:28.5020
97Aaron Funk08 Honda FitNon-V8 stock1:28.5219
18John Reardon11 Honda FitNon-V8 Stock1:29.0318
52Jon Beck74 Fiat 124Non-V8 Race1:29.2017
26Seth Wickam02 Mustang GTV8 Stock1:29.3116
180Mark McKee02 Nissan Sentra SERNon-V8 Modified1:29.3116
54Mark Sanfilippo12 Fiat AbarthNon-V8 Modified1:29.3315
82Marjory Chaffin06 Volkswagen GTINon-V8 Modified1:29.4014
58Nick Rice07 Dodge ChargerNon-V8 Stock1:29.7713
42Dan Faas87 Volkswagen GTINon-V8 Modified1:29.7713
47Alex Streicher07 Subaru ImprezaNon-V8 Stock1:29.8312
80Justin Gilger07 Volkswagen GTINon-V8 Modified1:29.9011
60Parker Strohbehn06 Mustang GTV8 Stock1:31.4010
53Rod Eldridge00 Mustang Non-V8 Stock1:31.669
84Dustin Schuldt99 Mazda MiataNon-V8 Stock1:32.078
326Devin Garretson92 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSNon-V8 Stock1:33.967
62Bruce Moorman64 Ford FalconV8 Modified1:34.036
63Calvin Kitch86 Ford MustangV8 Modified1:34.835
141Jeff Wing95 ImprezaNon-V8 Stock1:35.324
179Jeremy Throop74 Porche 914Non-V8 Stock1:35.843
110Scott Phillips91 Mazda MiataNon-V8 Stock1:38.312
41Brandon Scearer94 Ranger
59James Pulse12 MustangNon-V8 Stock1:38.70
11Dawn Wing95 Subaru ImprezaNon-V8 Stock1:38.75
46Brian Roose66 MustangV8 Modified1:39.76
51Katelynn Day00 Volkswagen GTINon-V8 Modified1:40.21
118Bill Roose68 Mustang TransAm ReplicaV8 Stock1:40.66
49TJ Beadle99 Volkswagon PassatNon-V8 Modified1:41.52
129Jasmine Chaffin99 AudiNon-V8 Stock1:41.59
72Mark Wilts67 CobraV8 Modified1:41.69
29Martin Roeffer12 Mustang Boss 302V8 Stock1.24.56
The NQS Performance Team 
NQSDan Rice95 Mustang GT 1:21.89
NQSDoug Hammond08 Mustang GT
NQSSandy Jennings-Hammond08 Mustang GT